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As the years go by, we find ourselves getting busier and busier. At the start, it was just Paul who reached the point where he couldn’t fit any more customers into the diary. Then Chris started and we managed to fill all those appointments too. In the last few months, one of the sweeps in the county has retired meaning that even more people need the services we provide.

Reminders are currently sent out eight to ten weeks before the re-sweep is due. But this isn’t keeping up with demand. If I send them out any earlier there’s a chance that the email will be put to the side as it’s too early to think about booking. Unfortunately, the level of new customers means that this will probably mean you can’t get booked in when you want.

A lot of customers in September and October book their next sweep on a year-on-year basis. This means that before we’ve even reached the new year those months are already at least 60% booked out.

If you know you have a chimney sweep due, please don’t rely on the reminder dropping into your inbox. Get in touch as soon as you think about it. At the start of each year, I already have the diary running for the following year so you are quite welcome to make an appointment a year in advance.

Currently, there’s a 10-week lead time and I don’t anticipate this improving as we get closer to winter. Get in touch now and I can book you in for this year and a better date for next year. You may even want to think about pulling the sweep forward into the summer months as, traditionally, it’s not as busy. It’s still busy but not the full-on seven or eight sweeps daily for Paul and Chris.

I always aim to respond within 48 hours so please be patient if you’ve contacted us. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please let me have your address or postcode and the appliance to be swept so that I can look for dates when we’re in your area and it saves time as I don’t need to get back to you asking for that information before offering dates.

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